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SSTN  # 99 - October 2, 2002

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1) Motivating and finding teachers   
2) Mission Projects?

--> The UN-Halloween Book

3) Bible Lessons in a Bag
4) Used Lectionary-based Curriculum?

--> God's Top 10

5) Monologue search?
6) Need ideas for baby gift?
7) Jonah ideas    ?
8) Padre Abraham
9) Need Used VBS Curriculum
10) Hoe-down - Fall Festival

--> Holiday FUN-draising

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1) Motivating and finding teachers   

At our church we have grade/age level "coordinators" that do just the
planning of the lesson and gathering of supplies.  The teachers just
"teach".  They get their supplies and lessons at the previous week's class
so that they have a week to read over the lesson and tweak it or ask
questions.  The grade/age coordinator does just that.  They research and
read through the material making up the lessons.  Our director provided us
with a blank lesson plan to use as our guide as to how the lesson should
a) welcoming activity b) prayer c) Activity #1  d) Activity #2 e) Activity
#3 f) closing prayer.  I cannot teach every week, but I can do the
planning.  This allows for more flexibility on my part.  I have the use of
the materials at church for copying, resource books and movies, etc.  I
can plan at home, late at night, etc. I can go up to copy whenever I want,
I just need to have it in their tubs the week before the next lesson.
They also provide a budget for each grade level.  If I am on top of it,
and have my supplies list ready for the next couple of months, she will do
the shopping and ordering.  Sometimes I have to run out and get last
minute supplies.  We have a planning session 4 times from October to May.
The coordinator and teachers meet and look over last year lessons for
about 6-8 weeks at a time, and adjust as necessary.  This way the teachers
know what is coming up and also can give their input on whether the
activities realistically will work or not, take too long or too short,

There are a lot of parents who would be willing to "teach" but they are so
frightened they don't know how to do it, or have the resources, or time to
do it.  This allows them to just walk in and do it.   Then there are
parents like me who can't teach week to week or every other week with a
co-catechist, but can do the planning on my time.  Our co-catechists
sometimes alternate weeks, some alternate months.  I hope this helps!

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2) Mission Projects?

I have a very small SS class and TeamKID class (about 4-6 kids).  I am
looking for some mission ideas to do with them.  They range in ages 5-12.
Someone told me about a bee project (foreign mission type thing) and I've
requested info but haven't received it yet.  Does anyone know anything
about it?  I'd like to do at least one foreign mission this year and a few
smaller home missions.  We are already doing Operation Christmas Child, so
any other ideas you have I'd love to hear them.  I'm looking for stuff
like cleaning the yard of an elderly or disabled person to stuff like
collecting food for a food bank or shelter  (just to give you an idea of
the type of things I'm looking for).  Please reply with ANY ideas!!!!
~Michelle, NC

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The UN-Halloween Book: A Complete Fall Festival for Children's Ministry 

Find this and many other Fall-Harvest books in our Bookstore-Holidays
section:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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3) Bible Lessons in a Bag   

To the person looking for nursery lessons.  I am in charge of the
curriculum for our nurseries, infant through 4 year olds.  The resource
you have heard about is from Gospel Publishing House.  It is used in
conjunction with the Radiant Baby Teachers Book.  It contains lessons for
the entire year.The Lessons in a Bag helps you to put together visuals and
with your presentation, but NOTHING takes the place of preparation.  I
agree that you need a consistant teacher and rotating volunteer helpers.
That teacher or team of teachers can then prepare (a minumum of a month
ahead) the lessons to be presented and have areas that can be delegated to
the volunteers.  An alternative for those teachers would be to come in
every week at a specified time to "teach" the lesson.  Babies don't sit
for circle time.  This would be one on one interaction with each baby or a
couple of babies at a time; singing, showing pictures or other objects and
tying them in with the Bible truth being taught. Praying with and for
them.  This would model the type of teaching and care you want in your
nursery.  Your volunteers would then have more to work with after the
teachers have gone on to their class or church service.Pray that God would
lift up dedicated nursery workers with a heart for teaching.  It is not an
easy job, but it is most rewarding.  I will pray for God's guidance and
His hand to be on your nursery ministry.We are one in Christ,Stephanie
Griswold, New Life Christian Fellowship; Katy, TX

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4) Used Lectionary-based Curriculum?

I am searching for used curriculum, Whole People of God, or ANY lectionary
based curriculum for year A, preferably multi-age or youth oriented.

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God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", I believe one can find a positive
message: a message of God’s love. (For Kindergarten to 5th grade)
Click below to learn more:


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5) Monologue search?

I am looking for a short monologue for both Sarah about the miracle of
giving birth and about her baby boy.  Also about the birth and early
events of Moses birth from his mother.  I need these for church
presentations in December.  Any help would be appreciated. Gary DuVall

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6) Need ideas for baby gift?

Our Pastor's wife is due in October.  I am trying to think of a gift from
the Sunday school kids.  I would like to find something they could make
not purchase.  Thanks for any ideas in advance!  I am blessed to have
found this site and I have used it several times already.

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7) Jonah ideas    ?

Our 1st - 6th grade Sunday school classes will be studying Jonah in Oct.
Does anyone have any really good ideas that you have used for a lesson on
Jonah? I have searched the archives and have found some really great ideas
but I am wondering if there are any new revelations that I don't know
about. If you have something please e-mail me at jlarcom@commumc.org. I'm
very thankful for this web site, it has given me many great ideas and
inspirations, Blessings to all!

--from SSTN: please remember, if you share ideas off-network, the other
teachers cannot benefit from your knowledge. Thank you, Sarah Keith <><

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8) Padre Abraham

Here's an audio file of "Padre Abraham" and a number of other Spanish


El Padre Abraham

Muchos hijos tiene el padre Abraham,
El padre Abraham tiene muchos hijos
Yo soy uno, tu también

Alabemos juntos al Señor
Mano derecha / mano izquierda
Pie derecho / pie izquierdo
Cabeza en alto / Saltando
Dando vueltas / Sentados

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9) Need Used VBS Curriculum

hello: You aare an anwere to prayer . We are a small but growint church.
We want to do vbs this coming JUne. We are in a building program for which
we have had fund raisers to pay the cost of our expansion (Now starting)
we have raised $29,000 and just found out we need $15,000.00 more. We have
discussed not doing vbs to save money. But we are all idsappointed because
we know it will mean children in the community will not be getting the
Gospel. I am willing to pay the shipping charges myself if you would
consider this.
Lighthouse Freewill Baptist Church
Elsmere, KY 41018
Thank you and God bless you so much.
Gladys Walton
768 Plumtree Lane
Erlanger, KY 41018

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10) Hoe-down - Fall Festival

A few years ago we too had a "Hoe-down" Fall Festival.  What a wonderful
time we had.  We had "stick horse races, even the adults, and "REAL" cow
pattie tosses (yes, real ones-what a blast!!!!!- you should have seen me
trying to pick out the best ones in my son-in-laws pasture)  and we even
roped a bull.  We attached bull horns to the side of a large drawn out
bull body which was placed on the side of the church building.   We had a
bon fire and guitar singing around it.  We divided into groups and sang
Old McDonald Had a farm and She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain.   Hot
dogs, chips, and more was served.  We had an old fashioned "Pie eating
contest" as well.  The pastor won, and with a blueberry pie we enjoyed his
winning for several days  :) (He was stained SO Badly)  We scattered hay
bails for seats and even had a cow piñata for the children at the close of
the evening.   Hope you have a wonderful time.  God Bless.  Dianne
Richards, Somerville, AL

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