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SSTN  # 9 - January 30, 2002

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1) Stinky Sneakers?
2) Puppet ministry
3) Creation science experiments?
4) Bible Olympics
5) Creed inquiry   
6) Apostles' Creed   
7) Unused curriculum
8) Teacher Appreciation?   
9) Easter Butterflies?
--> FREE Toy Lamb
10) Parade float/Jr.-Sr. high ideas
11) Puppet ministry
12) Puppet ministry

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1) Stinky Sneakers?

I am Patty Hupp and I am hoping you will be able to help me find
a children's story about Stinky Sneakers. Not sure that is the title of it
though. A story about different stains being on a pair of old children's
sneakers and each stain stands for something.
If you could help, I would appreciate it so much.
Thanks and Joy in Jesus.
Patty Hupp

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2) Puppet ministry

hey there all,wonderful to read news from all.  for the girl who is
starting a puppet ministry:  start small (like only two characters so that
you can develope their voices and personalities. Kids like a character
they can recognize.  next: to keep your buget reasonable, check out the
thrift stores for puppets.  if they dont have the puppet, look for the
character (a bear to tell the story of David hiding in a cave from a
bear's point of view, or duck to talk about finding baby Moses in the
reeds before the princess did are good examples) then, when you find what
you want to build the story around, just take your sissors and cut the
stuffed animal open and turn it into your puppet.  this way you can spend
the real money on buying the stories, or other props.

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3) Creation science experiments?

for the creation letter, way to go, are you a creation science person?  it
is such a big and seemingly complicated subject how can a teacher make it
simple enough for little ones to understand?  are there little experiments
to demonstate?  like the volcano set-up we did in school?  let us know!

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4) Bible Olympics

> During the Winter Olympics this year, we are planning to have Bible
> Olympics

I found two websites that have some good Winter Olympic ideas.
www.familycrafts.about.com   has crafts and game ideas. Click on the
Winter games section.   www.utahgames.org  is an organization that has a booth at
the Olympics to tell people about Jesus.  There theme is More than Gold.
They have a section called "Models of Ministry"  that has ideas for block
parties, sports clinics, festivals and other outreach activities.  When
you look up a topic click on "tell me more"  for more ideas.  "Tools for
Ministry" has recourses you can purchase.  They also have a Winter Olympic
New Testament in their store.  Its pocket sized and only $2.00 and has
interviews with Christian Olympic athletes.

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5) Creed inquiry   

I actually learned the Creed while singing along with Rich Mullins'
"Creed". ("SONGS" or "A Liturgy, A Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band".
I think that 4th and 6th graders are old enough to follow and remember the

Michele C.
SST / Mission Friends Director
Calvary Baptist Church, Lincolnton NC

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6) Apostles' Creed   

In response to the gentleman that is developing a curriculum for the
Apostles' Creed. I have used the reproducible book "I Believe! Apostles'
Creed Wordplays" by Anita Reith Stohs and a learner resource book "The
Apostles' Creed" by Pamela Honan Peterson put out by Augsburg Fortress.

--from SSTN: if you type the authors name, Anita Stohs, into the Bookstore
search box, you'll find the book. 

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Masks & Story Book

Dramatic Bible stories with pop-out masks and props kids can use in drama
and role-playing. In the Games and Skits section of the BOOKSTORE:


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7) Unused curriculum

Dear Sarah: I would like to think you for your resources.......I teach
bible study at the City Rescue Mission in Jacksonville, Florida and will
begin to start teaching Sunday School again....Wendy Bolin sent a email
wanting to send unused curriculum to someone in needs, this would benefit
me if you can pass my address on to her........

Angela Epperson
7650 Jana Lane South
Jacksonville, Florida  32210

Thanks Sara and God Bless You.....

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8) Teacher Appreciation?   

I'm wondering if there's a designated month/Sunday to show appreciation
for Sunday School teachers.

--from SSTN: Check the Archives List for answers. Use the keywords:
appreciation + month. You'll love the ideas you'll find!

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9) Easter Butterflies?   

I would like to order chrysalises that will be ready to open on easter
Sunday. Could you please inform me of a source ?  I need about 20.
Thanks,  Marlynn

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10) Parade float/Jr./Sr. high ideas

I'm a Sunday School teacher for the Jr/Sr. High kids in my church.  We are
a small church.  I have about 15 students in my class all together.  This
past Christmas we decided to have a Chrismon tree and our Youth class made
all the Chrismons to put on it.  I used the ChristianCrafters.com web site
to get ideas and also I got the idea for our Christmas parade float from
your newsletter.  I'm a member of a Women's Club in my town and this year
I was float chairman.  I used the idea someone had submitted of the Angels
in Disguise.  I had a doctor, a nurse, a soldier, a Red Cross worker, and
a fireman.  They were all dressed in the uniforms they wear for their
jobs.  We also had a big banner on the float with the names of the other
things in our community that help people who are in need.  Ex. Clothes
closet and food pantry.One of my students from my SS class dressed as an
Angel also.  Our float was very well recieved by the onlookers and we won
a blue ribbon by the judges for True Meaning of Christmas.  Thanks so much
for your newsletter.  I really enjoy browsing through it and I will be
submitting some of our  projects we do in our classes in the near future.
Gayle Johnson, Boykins Baptist Church, Boykins, Va.

--from SSTN: Dear Gayle, thanks for sharing! It's good to know the site
and newsletter are helping others in the world!
ysic, sarah Keith <><

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Valentines Craft

Scherenschnitte is the art craft of intricate paper cutting. Symbols of
faith were common in German Scherenschnitte. They were used to convey love
messages towards God, as well as by men to express love towards their
sweethearts.  Scherenschnitte cards contained expressions of love and is
the forerunner of today's Valentine's Day card!  Click on "Scherenschnitte
Art" on the crafts page to get a free craft and to learn more:


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11) Puppet Ministry

First, pray, pray, pray... Second get the book Puppets:
Ministry Magic, and read, read, read... Third, get a hold
of a One Way Street Catalog.

I just started a puppet ministry team at my church this
past fall, and we are having fun!! It was a slow start, but
the book mentioned above really helped a lot, there is a
pattern for a stage made from PVC pipe that worked out
great, plus ideas for recruiting and maintaining a team.

Not to scare you, but there's a lot more to a puppet show
than just throwing some kids (or adults) behind a stage
with puppets. Things like audio taping the shows before
presenting them (or using prerecorded ones), because if the
puppeters have to talk and move their puppets, something
will get lost. Also, never let a child see a puppet not on
a hand and behind the stage, if the puppet is even seen
sitting in a closet or out on a table, the whole effect of
the puppets will be lost, for those younger children,
puppets are real!

I say to get the One Way Street catalog... they have a wide
range of pupppets, our church held "adopt-a-puppet" and
many congregation members adopted in memory of a loved one
or just to adopt! Our puppet family keeps growing and
growing even after the campaign was over.

Best of luck to you!
Any specific questions e-mail me at kristankeith@yahoo.com
Until then, Gods Blessings to you from the M&M (Miniture
Ministers) Puppet Team! Our Savior's, Eau Claire, WI

--from SSTN: Ministry Magic is in the Games & Skits section of the

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12) Puppet ministry

I am planning to start a puppet ministry. Any help out there?

I am also just starting a puppet ministry at our church.  The reason I
started it was because Through The Bible Publishers has puppet scripts
their Disciple Land curriculum and puppets to match.  The kids love them!
The puppets are excellent and are priced really reasonably.  You can get
information on the puppets and curriculum at

Another source you might want to check into for information on puppets,
scripts, stages and more is www.puppetproductions.com

Hope this helps.

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