Sent in by: Suzanne Mossman


Set Up:
You will need 4 cups, 66 small party balloons, 66 strips of paper and a lot of hot air! ;o)

Write each of the books of the Bible on a small strip of paper and place each one inside each balloon. Blow the balloons up and place them in a large basket or box. Divide the class into two teams. Each team has a cup labeled "Old Testament" and "New Testament" which is placed on either side of the box of balloons. Place the balloons and cups at one end of the designated playing area. Have the teams line up at the opposite end.

How To Play:
Someone says, GO! The first child on each team races to the balloons and bats it back to their starting line where they must sit on it to pop it. The team must then decide which cup the paper goes into, the Old or New Testament? The child then runs back down to place the Bible name into their Old or New Testament cup, and races back to their team line to tag off to the next player. Play continues like this until all the balloons are popped and all the Bible names are placed into the team cups.

How To Win:
The team with the most correct responses wins!

Editor's Note: Suzanne wrote that her students had been learning the books of the Bible for several weeks before they played the game. However, this game could be played with beginners whereby the players would have Bibles to look up the names in the Table of Contents. Regardless, this is a really cool way to learn the Bible names! Thanks for sharing your great idea, Suzanne!

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