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Chrismon-Kids 32 Basic Silhouette Christian Patterns with Scripture references.
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The word "Chrismon," is a medieval Latin word meaning a symbol of Christ or Christianity, or a "Christ-Monogram." Crowns, crosses, doves, stars, and butterflies are a few examples of a Chrismon.

Chrismon-Kids are versatile and may be used to make
Chrismon or Jesse Tree ornaments for your Christmas tree, Easy-To-Make-Scherenschnitte art, Stained Glass Son-Catchers, or can be enlarged to make symbols on Christian banners

For ages 3-103.

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Get the following free ideas:

Chrismon-Kids Bells

Easy-To-Make Scherenschnitte

Stained Glass Son-Catchers

Advent Tree

You can make a table-top Chrismon tree too!


Janelle from Sumter, South Carolina wrote in to say, "Last year, we had an Advent evening at church and the kids used sticky-backed craft foam to cut out chrismon ornaments. After cutting out the foam shapes, the kids used gold glitter to add detail and dimension to them, then attached the chrismon shapes to small red fabric banners that we hung from torches attached to the church pews for Christmas.  They look beautiful and I am planning to make white banners for the Easter season using gold chrismon or Easter symbols to stick on white banners."


Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments is a traditional paper cut snowflake with a Chrismon design. 


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