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Christmas Pic-A-Minute

You will need a one-minute timer, pencil, paper, Bible, and drawing paper or chalk board. Give children a pencil and paper. 
Teacher reads the Christmas story from a child friendly Bible (Matthew 1:18-3:23; 2:1-20). As you read, have children write down objects from the story such as, baby/child, angels, shepherds, sheep, etc. Teacher collects the lists, which are then used during the game.

Divide players into teams. Teacher whispers to the first player the object to be drawn for that round of play. The player is then given one minute to draw it for his or her team. During that time if the team guesses correctly they score one point. If they guess wrong, the other team(s) may shout out their guess to score a point. The next team takes their turn playing as before. Play as long as time allows.


Shepherd Game

Divide into 2 teams. Draw on the floor with chalk or mark with masking tape a "path" through which to herd the sheep. Tape a few boxes to the floor, with ends cut out, or if playing outside use croquet hoops pushed into the ground. Teams line up on opposite ends of the track. Give each team a broom and 6 cotton balls (for younger children a small rubber ball can be used). The object is to heard the sheep down the path, through the "tunnels," to the other side and back. The team, whereby every child completes the course, wins. Talk about the shepherds in the Christmas story.

Christmas Bingo

Last year we made Bingo cards using Christmas objects in each square, and played Bingo. Children yelled "fear not" when they had a winning card (since the angel (s) in the Christmas story always said "fear not."

Sent in by: Teresa Bohannon-Teacher Training Specialist  


Snowball Relay

Make circles on the floor with masking tape. Put 12 cotton balls inside each circle. The first child runs to the circle, picks up the snowballs and puts them outside the circle. The next team member runs to the circle and puts the cotton balls all back inside the circle. Continue until all have played.

Tree Ornament Relay

Paper trees are taped to the wall. Each child has an ornament made of paper. One at a time, each team member runs to the tree, attaches ornament, and returns to team. First group getting all ornaments attached to the tree wins!


Christmas Story Exchange Game

Form a circle and give each child the name of something relating to the Christmas story: star, manger, angels, shepherds, sheep, wise men, etc. "It" calls out two such names. The children with these names try to exchange places before "It" can get one of their places.

Candy Cane Relay

Divide the children into two teams. Give each team five small candy canes. On signal, the team members pass their canes to the end of the line (one at a time) and back again.



Name That Christmas Carol

Pianist plays a few measures of a Christmas song on the piano. Four contestants are up front (2 for Team A and 2 for Team B). The first child from either team to raise hand, or ring a bell,  correctly answer wins. Sing that song. Choose more contestants and continue.

Christmas Story Draw

When the leader says, "Go", the first person in each line goes to the paper taped on the wall and starts to draw something from the scene of Jesus' birth in the manger. When the leader says "Change!" the next child goes and draws. This continues until the leader says, "Stop!" Have the children gather to listen to the Christmas story.

Sent in by: Betty Robertson

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