Falling for Jesus
"Word Clouds"


Thank you for the October 26 newsletter with the great “Falling For Jesus” tree idea! 

Fall, Autumn activityAs a technology teacher in a parochial school setting, I am always on the lookout for ways to incorporate faith into my lesson plans. I was getting ready to introduce “Tagxedo” word clouds to my students for later use in the classroom, so we made a Falling for Jesus tree of our own. The students created word clouds in the shape of a leaf. Each text included the students name, Jesus name, and a number of words they associate with what Jesus has taught us; for example, sharing, love, hope, prayer. We did this with grades 2, 3, and 4 using grade level appropriate words – the 4th graders came up with “compassion” and “empathy”!

After students printed their leaves, I cut and pasted each one, then created a large tree in the hallway. It gave us a chance to discuss Jesus in computer class and the students loved finding and comparing their leaves. 

Thank you for the great idea!

Kathy Jarosi
St. Joseph School
Sylvania, Ohio

Copyright 2013 Kathy Jarosi


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