God Cans Craft 

by Danielle Ward


"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" Philippians 4:13.

Submitted by Janet Smith in memory of a former student, Danielle Ward, who went home to be with Jesus on March 30, 2001, at the young age of 16. She was a member of the Little Mudlick Church of God in Staffordsville, KY, where she was active in the youth group and assisted in teaching Sunday School. She was a junior at Johnson Central High School in Paintsville, KY.

Janet writes, "Danielle shared this craft with me when she was in my 6th grade classroom, shortly after she gave her life to Jesus. Since then, my students at school and Sunday School have enjoyed making these useful and decorative containers. Now every time I pass by my God Cans, I am reminded that Danielle's light shines on."

What you do: Use old blue jeans to cut up and cover coffee cans. (Smaller cans may also be used.) Hot glue guns or Tacky Glue works well to adhere the fabric to the cans. You will need to lap the fabric over the top 1/2 -1 inch and turn down over the rim of the can to cover any sharp edges. Material should also be turned under at the bottom. Snip puckers with scissors to flatten. Pockets and belt loops, along with rickrack, lace, buttons, even old jewelry make wonderful embellishments. You can monogram with glitter paint too.

Each time students see their God Can, remind them to think of Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Editor's note: this submission has deeply touched my heart. I am reminded of the urgency and importance of our work as Christian educators. We have only a short time to make the Gospel, the Good News, known to the children we teach! I am so very honored to have Danielle's God Cans craft in this site. Her testimony will now live on to millions of people who will make them! Let your students know that Danielle no longer walks this Earth, but lives in Heaven, where they too can go when they die, if they are trusting and believing in Jesus to save them. Remember to pray for Danielle's parents as they grieve her loss. Praise God for the Resurrection! 

Thank you, Janet, for sharing this wonderful craft with the world, and to Danielle's mom for giving us permission to use it! 

Your webservant, 
Sarah Keith <><

Joyful Noise Drums
Oldie but goodie. Not only do kids like it but the parents remember doing this with their parents so it crosses generations and is good for the environment. Use any old butter tub, cool whip tub, empty oatmeal tub - not the quick oatmeal but the real stuff from Quaker works great. You will need the lids too. Cover the tub with construction paper. Have the kids decorate the tub. They make great drums and the kids can beat either the lid top or the bottom or in between for different sounds. "Make a Joyful Noise" takes on a new meaning. We had our kids play their drums during our closing circle and the kids really enjoyed it. They insisted on getting their drums to play. 

Christmas Drum (click to see)

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