Salt Dough Craft
Guardian Angel



Who doesn't want to own their own freshly caught Guardian Angel?

This is a great activity to do with a group of young children as a teacher can make the angels before hand and the children can decorate their own glass jars with glitter, stones or stickers. Glue a bible verse on the back of the jar.

Simply make a figure out of dough, for the perfect recipe

This angel is lying down but you could have yours praying or sitting. The angel could be holding a colored stone to represent the personís birthstone, flowers or a candle. Cover the jar with colored material or Christmas materials and hold it with a rubber band. Make a handle from crafters/jewelry wire.

I have decorated mine by frosting the glass but leaving a heart shaped window. I then added some pearlized embossing glue from card decorating crafts.

To make this gift extra special include a little bag of glitter so the child can sprinkle fairy dust on their angel.

Copyright 2009 Tara Coates


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