Make a Hearts Pencil Holder 

A great teacher's appreciation gift or for Mother's Day or Birthdays

What You Will Need: An empty 14-16 ounce vegetable can, cleaned with label removed; white, red, and pink foamy fabric hearts; raspberry colored raffia; a paper punch, hot glue. The size of the can will determine the size of your hearts. Cut enough hearts to wrap around the can and slightly overlap. Make a small label with "Jesus Loves Me" written on it. Punch a hole in one end of the label*.

What You Do: Punch two holes into the center of the hearts. String the hearts onto the raffia. Wrap around the can and tie to secure. Wrap the ends of the raffia to the opposite side of can and string the "Jesus Loves Me" label onto it. Finish with a bow. You might want to use hot glue to hold the hearts in place. (Have an adult operate the glue gun.) 

* By changing the label message this craft can be used for various purposes. For example, for Mother's Day, the label could have a personal message from a child.

Copyright 2003 Sarah A. Keith

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