Little Christmas Lamb 

How to work with Polymer Clay

Christmas Lamb polymer clay sheep

Supplies Needed
2 oz. block polymer clay- white
1 round toothpick
1- 8" & 1- 10" length of ribbon
1- 11/2" piece of craft wire

Step #1
Make your pieces into the shapes shown. For the BODY roll a 1 1/4" ball of white into a cylinder. For the LEGS roll two 5/8" balls into smaller cylinders. (Each cylinder makes two legs.) For the HEAD roll a 3/4" ball and taper the top into a teardrop shape as shown. The EARS are two 1/2" balls flattened to 1/4" thick teardrops. The TAIL is made from a 1/4" ball made into a teardrop. The tuft of HAIR is made from a 3/8" ball flattened to 1/4" thickness and shaped into an oval.
Step 1 Mold polymer clay sheep

Step #2
Press one small cylinder leg onto body as shown. Use the toothpick to indent a center line to divide front legs. Now make a line to indent the hooves. Follow the same instructions for the back legs.
Mold polymer clay sheep
Step #3
With the small end up, attach the head to the front of the body with a 1/2" piece of toothpick. Press an ear on each side of the head with the small ends up. Press the oval on top of the head, covering the ends of the ears. Press two small seed beads on to the face for eyes, (You can also make your eyes with a marker AFTER the lamb is baked) Use the toothpick to make lines for the nose and mouth as shown. For pink cheeks, you can rub on a small bit of powdered blush with a cotton swab. Press the tail on the back of the body. Now use the toothpick to make the fleecy wool by making little swirls or circle patterns on the body. Twist the piece of craft wire into a hanger and press in the top of the head. Bake the sculpture in a foil lined baking pan in a regular or toaster oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. (DO NOT use a microwave oven)
Mold polymer clay sheep

Let cool in oven. DO NOT bake at a hotter temperature or the white clay may burn or turn brown. When cool, tie the 8" ribbon around his neck and put the 10" ribbon through hanger and tie a knot. Your Christmas Lamb is ready for the tree or to give as a special gift.

Copyright 2000 Joshua Burkhardt 

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