Jesus is My Lighthouse

Craft project can be used with our Lighthouse Bible Lessons

What You Need: Yogurt cup (narrow at the bottom and wider at the top), toilet paper roll, baby food jar, black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, red 3/4" wide tape, paint brush, yellow tissue paper, Scripture pattern (below) printed onto bright yellow paper, tacky glue or hot glue, scissors. (If you're using hot glue, adult supervision please!)

What You Do: Paint the yogurt cup with black paint. Paint the toilet roll with white paint. Allow both to dry. Wrap red tape diagonally around the toilet roll. Turn the yogurt cup upside down. Run a bead of glue along one edge of the toilet roll and stick it to the top of the yogurt cup (the bottom of the cup becomes the top). Place yellow tissue paper and verse (upside down) into the baby food jar. The tissue paper should be at the center of the verse. Make sure you can read the verse. Run another bead of glue along the other edge of the toilet roll, turn jar upside down so that the lid adheres to the top of the toilet roll.

Print the Scripture sentiment, below, on bright yellow paper.

Alternate craft
"Let your light shine. . ." Matthew 5:16.
This Lighthouse Cup Craft consists of a 16-18 oz. colored cup, colored and black vinyl tape, 6 oz. clear cup, and a battery operated tea light candle. 

Check out the praise song, My Lighthouse.

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Check out the My Lighthouse Song!

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