Matchstick Cross

A great Christian craft activity for youth ministry.

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What You Need: 85 burnt-tipped matches to make one cross (burn the match tips before class time. I separated mine into three batches, placed them in a stainless steel sink, laid the tips side-by-side and then lit them.); Tacky glue; 8.5" x 11" card board or chip board; pencil; scissors. 

The Match Stick Cross craft activity coordinates well with our Gospel In a Nutshell Bible Lessons.

Step One: Draw a 2" vertical line and an intersecting horizontal line slightly above the center of your board. Cut off the tips of two matches. Cut both matches in half. Glue to the horizontal and vertical line.

Step Two: Place a thin layer of glue around cross to make an "X" (approximately 1 1/4" wide and the length of the matches). With burnt tips facing out, lay seven matches side-by-side into the glue in all four corners. 

Step Three: Place a thin layer of glue on the board for the top of the cross (approximately 2" wide). With burnt tips facing out, lay eleven matches side-by-side into the glue. Do the same on the sides and bottom of the cross.

Step Four: Place a second row of eleven matches on the bottom of the cross to finish it off. Allow glue to dry, then frame it. (See picture at the top of the page.)

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