Measure Up  

Make a Gift for Teacher Appreciation, Mother's Day, Birthdays

What you'll need: 
Small clay pot, yellow measuring tape, black acrylic paint (flat), red acrylic paint (glossy), hot glue, white chalk or white colored pencil. 

What you do: 
Paint the rim of the clay pot with red paint. Allow to dry. Paint the bottom of the pot with flat black paint. Allow to dry. Determine how much of the measuring tape you will need to wrap around the rim. Hot glue the tape to the rim. Using white chalk or white colored pencil, write a message to the recipient of your Measure Up gift.

TIP: If you want your message to be permanent, use a white colored pencil. Depending on the purpose or recipient of the gift, you can draw different symbols. For example, Christian symbols for a Sunday school teacher, musical notes for a music teacher, math problems for math teacher, etc. Place new pencils or a small plant into the pot.

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