Palm Sunday Food Craft

Candy Palm Tree

What you need: Green construction paper, empty kitchen cardboard tubes, a selection of wrapped sweets, tape.

What you do: Cut long palm shapes out of the green construction paper. Write "Hosanna to the Son of David" on one side of each palm leaf. Color the tube by rubbing with a brown crayon, (using two different shades of brown gives a more realistic finish.) With your craft knife, make short slits at intervals across the sides of the tube near the top, just enough to tuck in each palm leaf. Tape the bottom and top of the tube shut. Fill tube with wrapped sweets. (In Scotland we have sweets called Celebrations, they're ideal!) Insert the leaves in the slits and you have a palm tree. Each child gets a palm bookmark and share of the sweets after the Palm Sunday Celebration object talk. You may have to make more than one, depending on the number of children, or use longer tubes.

Copyright 2000 Terry Taylor - All Rights Reserved

Editor's note: Terry and her husband cut out branches that looked like palm fronds. But, you could also have the kids trace their own hands onto green construction paper, with the palm branches narrowing at the wrists, then tape the wrist part of the palm branch to the inside of the tube, rather than having to cut slits in the tube. Other verses that could be written on the kid's palm-shaped branches are: "Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good" Psalm 135:3; "I will praise your name O LORD, for it is good" Psalm 54:6; "How good it is to sing praises to our God..." Psalm 147:1. The candy is a reminder of how good it is to praise the LORD!

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