Paper Nativity

by Chris Stewart



I wanted to share my adaptation on those cute little Clay Nativity figures from SundaySchoolNetwork.Com.

We took Styrofoam coffee cups instead, cutting in half those for the manger. Rolled into balls pieces of fiberfill batting for their heads (I got my supply from the inside of an old stuffed animal). Mary had yellow crepe paper over her head and glued to her sides.  Joseph had a craft stick glued to his side (walking stick) and the Shepherd had a pipe cleaner bent into a staff stuck to his side.  Each one had a different colored piece of yarn tied around them for belts.  Our Angels' wings were glued to their backs: a basket-style coffee filter cut in half.

Shredded paper filled our mangers, and the Lord gave me an idea for the baby Jesus.  I found a bag of polished rocks at the dollar store, and gave each child one, with a strip of cloth to wrap it in.  I explained that Jesus is the Rock of our Salvation, that He was born to be our Savior.  And that He is the Rock of Ages, preexistent before His appearance in the Bethlehem

Each child made a total of 5 figures over the last three Sundays in December.  For a manger, I showed them how to cut a large brown paper grocery bag across the top (6" below the opening), and then the front side in the shape of a large "T" for doors, so that the bottom of the bag became the roof (on which the Angel sat).  They took their completed nativity sets home on 12/23 and were encouraged to display it near their tree and to tell the story of Jesus' birth to their families.  We had a great time with it!

Grace and peace,
Chris (South Dakota) 

Copyright 2001 Chris Stewart

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