Puzzle Frame

An Easy Craft for Kids | by Dana Gagnon

What you need: Cardboard or manila folders, old puzzle pieces, glue.

What you do: Cut frame folders out of cardboard (or use manila folders): fold cardboard in half to desired frame size, then cut a window out of one half of your folded cardboard. (Now your frame has a back attached already.) Let the kids glue whatever you have in your craft cabinet around the window. I usually use puzzle pieces from old discarded puzzles--they're colorful, interesting, and FREE! If you want, print each child's name on your computer (or the theme of the lesson) with a pretty font and cut them out for the child to glue onto the frame along with the puzzle pieces. 

Tip: cut the windows out with a sharp Exacto knife and a ruler. If you tape the picture inside the frame with the fold at the top, your frame will be free-standing. If you want to tape it flat, you can punch holes in the top to string it through for hanging. Happy crafting!

Copyright 2001 Dana Gagnon 

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