Roman Road Scroll 

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The Roman Road is an evangelistic tool to help you share your faith in Jesus. Here's what you do, write Romans 3:10 at the beginning of the book of Romans. Beside Romans 3:10, write the next verse, Romans 3:23. Beside Romans 3:23, write Romans 6:23, and so on. This way, you can share the Roman Road from your own Bible with anyone, at anytime! 

What You Need: Burlap, dowel, various colors of yarn, jute, glue, stapler, and the Roman Road Scripture verses printed out. (Optional: Copy the verses onto parchment-type paper.) 

What you do: Glue the Bible verses onto a piece of burlap. Decorate the edges of the burlap with different colors of yarn. Draw swirled designs with the tip of your glue bottle, then lay the yarn into the glue. (I drew leaf and flower designs with the glue, then laid the appropriate colored yarn into the glue.) Wrap the burlap around the dowel and staple the top of the burlap to the back of the burlap and dowel.

If you are making a scroll, roll from both ends to the center and tie closed with the jute. If you're making a wall hanging, tie the jute to both ends of the dowel to hang for display.

Copyright 2001 Sarah A. Keith

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