Shine For Jesus! 

Craft to Teach "Let Your Light Shine for Jesus"

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God's Word tells us that those who follow Jesus are like lights in a dark world. Jesus said we should let our lights shine. Why? Read Matthew 5:16 from a child-friendly Bible. Make this craft to remember how important your light is in the world. 

You'll need a sheet of black construction paper, a push pin, paper clips, a white crayon or chalk, and a copy of the pattern, click here to get it.

Place the pattern on top of the black paper. Use paper clips to hold it in place. Using a push pin, punch holes through both layers of paper on the black dots. (Laying the papers on a soft surface, such as a carpet or layers of newspaper, will make this easier.) 

Using the white crayon or chalk, write on the black paper this message, "I will shine for Jesus!" Then hang the paper in a window or another place that gets plenty of light to shine through!

Copyright 2001 Dyan Buck

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