Thanksgiving Chain


For use in classrooms or around the Thanksgiving dinner table.


What You Need

Child-friendly Bible, strips of autumn colored paper (1" x 10"), markers, stapler.

Read Psalm 95:1-7 and/or Psalm 100.

What You Do

For classrooms: Divide class into small groups. Give each group 12 strips of paper and markers. 

For a dinnertime setting: Give each person one strip of paper. If you have more than twelve people, have them work together, if there are less than twelve, give each person more than one strip of paper.

Challenge the participants to use the letters from the word, THANKSGIVING to write something they are thankful for on their strips of paper. For example, "T" is the first letter in Thanksgiving, "I am thankful for my "teachers." When all the strips are completed, fasten them together using the stapler to form a chain. Discuss what everyone has written. Hang the Thanksgiving Chain in your classroom or drape it in a prominent place during Thanksgiving dinner.

Copyright 2003 S. A. Keith


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