Chrismon Wreaths


Make a Chrismon Wreath this Advent-Christmas season using our Chrismon Snowflakes' (right) or our Chrismon-Kids' patterns (shown below)

Chrismon Wreaths are similar to Chrismon Trees in that you decorate the greenery using Chrismons* with white or white and gold decorations. White symbolizes God's holiness and purity, and gold symbolizes his majesty and glory. The greenery represents new life in Christ, and the circle of the wreath reminds us of God's eternal nature.

Watch a video of a Chrismon Snowflake being cut.

* Christ-monograms or symbols of Christianity.

Click an ornament to enlarge it.

Chrismon Snowflakes shown (bottom left and clockwise):
Butterfly, Circle-Cross, Fish and Doves Cross, and 
Two Doves (shown on book's cover, below).

Chrismon Snowflakes for ages 9-Adult.


Chrismon Kids' patterns shown (bottom left and clockwise):
Celtic Cross, Crown, Dove of Peace, and Star of David.

      Chrismon-Kids for ages 3-103.


Click here to get a free Chrismon Snowflake sample ornament.

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