Milk Jugs Crafts

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse for Children's Ministry

Piggy Banks

Clean out milk carton and set on side. Cover lid with pink paper to make a pig nose. Cut a slit in the top for the money to go in. Add construction paper eyes, a pipe cleaner tail, etc. then decorate your little piggy as desired.

Jonah and the Whale - Bean Bag Toss Game

Turn a gallon plastic milk jug into a whale by cutting a big open mouth on the flat end, handle side up. Paint it gray and add eyes. Make a Jonah bean bag. The shape is not that important. Using sharpie markers add face.

After hearing the story the children take turns tossing Jonah.

I have done this as a craft/game spread over 2 classes. I prepared the milk jugs by cutting the mouths and had the children paint them. I made the bean bags, and the next week they added the face and played the game. The children, especially the younger ones, loved taking their game home.


Megaphone Milk Jug, Plus

Make a megaphone by cutting off the bottom of a (half-gallon) plastic milk jug. (decorate)

I have used milk jugs as a plastic bag dispenser too. Cut a hole in it and stuff your bags into it. When the kids need a bag to take home their goodies, you have them in one spot.

A jug can also make a great water-release device. Simply poke a single hole in the bottom, then cover with a finger while filling the container.

A gallon milk jug can also be turned into a dustpan. Simply place the jug, handle side up, on a table and cut the bottom off at an angle.

Now make a lesson on all of these.

Jan From Alabama

Soldier Helmets

Cut out the bottom of a plastic gallon milk jug. Leave the sides and back longer than the front for the face. Paint the helmets silver. Decorate with various accessories such as feathers, emblems, buttons, etc.

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