Paper Plates Crafts 

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Supplies: Paper plates, Scissors, Paint, crayons, glue and decorations.

1. Lay the plates on a flat surface and draw a line down the center of the plate.
2. Draw two more lines through the center and across the plate from two other directions to make six equally spaced sections.
3. Cut across the three lines, stopping one inch from the edge of the plate for a rim.
4. Fold these triangles up.
5. Decorate.

Note: If you prepare the plates before class, you may spray-paint them gold.

Masks - this is great if you are using the children to help reenact the Bible story. Draw the face of the character on the paper plate and attach to a Popsicle stick. Have the child hold in front of face.

1st PC
Ages 2-12

I use plain white paper plates to hold all the pieces of the craft we are making [one for each child]. This way they can dry on another table. We can then shift around without losing individual pieces. The children puts their names on their plate and as they paint or assemble small parts they go on the plate to keep the pieces together. I also use cotton swabs as paint brushes or glue appliers for small pieces.

Let the children decorate two paper plates, whatever size you prefer, and staple all around the edges, leaving only a small opening. Place a few beans, bells, or anything that makes noise in the opening and finish stapling. This is a fun way to get the children involved in praise!

1st PC
Ages 2-12!

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