Plastic Spoons

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

Spoon Angels Teacher Appreciation Gift
* Colored spoon or a simple white one
* Decorative ribbon to tie a bow with
* The phrase printed on a card or piece of paper
* Hole punch

1. Tie a bow to the neck of the spoon.
2. Punch a hole in the edge of the phrase sheet
3. Tie the spoon to the card of paper with this phrase written on it:

All silverware is made to serve, but different pieces serve in different ways.
Knives: cut, shop, dice, slice
Forks: stab
Spoons: hold and cradle those delicate and not yet formed items

Spoons say, "Here, let me help you. We can manage together."

Thank you for being one of the "spoons" of (church name) The children, teens, and adults are being ministered to each week because they are delicate gifts of God. Everyday in the world they get stabbed and chopped up. Each week we are able to hold and cradle them with God's Love because of you!

Alternative: Glue both the spoon and phrase to a plaque with a picture hanger attached to the back.

Read the The Trinity Snowman poem to the children. This is good for all ages. My class is 2-7 years of age and they loved it.

You will need a plastic spoon for each child. Some black, orange, and brown construction paper or if you prefer you can use felt but I learned from experience it doesn't stick that well you will also need a permanent marker. A hot glue gun works or tacky glue which I used it works fine too. You will need to buy marshmallows enough for each child to have two. You will also need a small thin strip of ribbon or fabric for each child something.

*You need to cut out black hats, orange carrot noses, and brown stick arms from the construction or felt paper. This doesn't require a whole lot of paper because you need to make them very small to fit on the spoon.

*Glue the nose in place and the hat too on the opposite side of the spoon the part that doesn't dip but is round. 

*You will need to make scarves for the snowmen out of the ribbon or fabric which you will tie around the neck of the spoon just below the curve you can guess at the size.

*Now take the two marshmallows and push onto the stick part of the spoon so now your snowman should look like it's made of three snow balls.

*Take your permanent marker and make eyes on the face and three buttons down on the first marshmallow.

*Also make a smile out of several dots using the permanent marker. Write the child's name on the opposite side of the spoon so everyone knows who the snowman belongs to.

by Candace Deaderick
Miami, Fl.

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