Sermons for Kids: It's In The BagTM

52 Bible Talks for Children's Ministry---Object lessons you can use!

Big Book of Children's Sermons Bible Talks52 creative ways to communicate the gospel to children using everyday objects pulled from the bag. A refreshing change of pace for your children's message time---for kid's church, Sunday school, midweek classes, and Bible clubs too! Make your children's moment fun, meaningful, and memorable. 

The content titles with Scripture references will help you determine the appropriate message to use throughout the year, with a topical index for holy days---Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc. (Read reviews, below.) 

Sample: It's in the Bag---52 Bible Talks for Children's Ministry.   


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"Wow! Thank you so much for these lessons and for staying true to God's Word. The moment I read the first lesson my brain just went haywire with all the thoughts and possibilities inside. The lessons are great, very easy to use, and are valuable for any age group."

"These sermons were very easy to use. The kids could relate to them. They remained true to Scripture."

"Thank you so much for the Observing Lint sermon. We did this for our children's sermon on Sunday and it was a big hit! The congregation was cracking up and the point was well made. Thanks again!" ~ Andrea

"The sermons were especially good for teachers who are new at presenting a lesson." 

"This was very relevant for our kids in today's life. Especially the sermon using a deck of cards. In our society everybody wants to be first. We presented it on one of our hectic Sundays. It was as if none of the kids wanted to behave. We used the cards to divide the kids into four groups and at a point where I was quite desperate for the intervention of the Holy Spirit I gave each group a Scripture to read. I did not know what was in that specific Scripture at that time. When they read the Scripture it was awesome to see how the Holy Spirit spoke to each one of them. I asked each teacher to take their specific group to one side and asked them about the lesson and to give me some feedback on what happened in the hall meeting. The one teacher came back to me and said that the whole class of 30 kids gave their hearts to the Lord. The Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher and still today they behave in class. We still use the deck of cards to divide them in groups each Sunday morning. No one fights to sit in front or at the back. They just sit according to the cards and the 'pressure groups' don't sit together any more." 



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