Dave's 8 Pointed Snowflake


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1.Cut out the square below (outer line).
2. Fold the square in half along the dashed line labeled FOLD 1. Keep the gray and white triangle (1/8th of snowflake) facing you after each step).
3. Fold in half again along the line labeled FOLD 2 which extends to the dashed "cross" at the center of the snowflake.
4. Fold along the diagonal of the square on the line labeled FOLD 3 so you are left with a triangle shape of folded paper with the gray snowflake image filling one side.
5. With a small pair of sharp scissors cut away all the gray areas so that only the white areas between the gray patches remain.
6. Carefully unfold to reveal your completed snowflake. 

Notes: Flatten the snowflake by ironing it at low temperature between two sheets of paper. Attach a loop of  thread through one of the points to hang it on the Christmas tree or in a window.


Copyright 1999 Dave Stredulinsky


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