Display your patriotic colors!



1: 1-1/2" safety pin, 
9: 1" safety pins, 
35 tiny red beads, 
26 white beads, 
20 blue beads.


Place the 1" safety pins onto the larger pin so that the smaller pins pass through the loop at the end of the larger pin and are unable to fall off. Follow the picture as a guide in order to place your beads onto the smaller pins.

Step One
Begin by placing four blue beads onto the first pin on the left. Followed by alternating 1 red bead, 1 white bead, 1 red bead, and 1 white bead. Then close the pin. Follow 'Step One' for the next 4 safety pins.


Step Two
For the remaining four safety pins alternate red and white beads. (5 red and 4 white per pin.)

Wear your Freedom Pin proudly!

Sent in by Carol  Kessler

Go to the July 4th--Children's Sermon for an object lesson.

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