10 Commandments Race 

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Using large poster board, cut two tablets. On the tablets write the commands leaving a blank space for the correct answers. Cut small strips of poster board to fit onto the blank spaces and write the following answers on them: gods, idols, Lord your God, Sabbath Day, Father and Mother, murder, adultery, steal, lies, covet. Glue magnet strips onto the blank spaces and onto the back of the answer strips. You can laminate over the magnet strips. 

Optional: Make two identical sets for team play.

The Ten Commandments -- Exodus 20:3-17

I. You shall have no other ______ before me. 
(the answer for this command is "gods")
II. You shall not make or worship ______. 
III. You shall not misuse the name of the _____ ______ _____. 
IV. Remember the _________ ____ and keep it holy. 
V. Honor your ______ ___ _______.
VI. You shall not ________. 
VII. You shall not commit _________.
VIII. You shall not _______.
IX. You shall not tell ______.
X. You shall not _______.

How To Play
Line up the kids and give the first child in line a random answer. He or she must advance to the tablets and place the answer wherever he or she believes it to be the correct answer. Player returns to the start line and tags off the next player. Next player in line takes his or her turn, playing as before. In addition, if a player believes an answer placed previously is incorrect, he or she may change it. Play continues until all the answers are placed correctly. Playing in teams and racing to be the first team to place all the answers correctly increases the fun!

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