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The book of Romans, in the New Testament, is a very important book for children and adults to read and study. However, it contains some difficult-to-understand words. Hopefully this game will help children (and adults) to understand them!

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What You Need
Print one set of the 24 Bible words with their definitions, see below.  Paste them on index cards (I used large index cards). Write one word with its definition per card. On another set of 24 cards, write each of the words without the definition.


How To Play
Mix up all the cards. Lay them faced down on the floor in rows. (Eight across, six down.) First player or team turns two cards over, attempting to match the Bible word to its definition. If the cards match, the player reads the definition and removes the cards from play. If the cards do not match, turn them back over. Next player or team takes a turn, playing as before. If you are playing in teams, the teams may help the player that is attempting to make a match. Once all the cards are matched, count which player or team made the most matches. The player or team with the most Bible word matches is the winner!

Add to it: Choose a Bible verse such as, Romans 10:17, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Or a phrase such as, Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Write out the verse or phrase in blank spaces on the chalk board. For example, the word Jesus, would have 5 blank spaces: _ _ _ _ _. As the players or teams make their matches, teacher fills in one letter at a time into the blank spaces. The first team to solve the Scripture verse or phrase wins! 

(Other descriptive matches to create and play: 
Bible Characters
such as David: David was a shepherd boy, killed Goliath, became King of Israel. Or, books of the Bible such as Genesis: Genesis tells the creation story, it is the book of beginnings.)


Bible Word Definitions

To buy back. To free from captivity by paying a ransom. God has freed us from captivity to Satan and sin. Jesus paid our ransom. 

Deliverance from the power and effects of sin. To be rescued from danger. Jesus has delivered us from sin and its deadly effects. We have been rescued from eternal death.

To receive a pardon for something you've done wrong. To be released from resentment or punishment. In Jesus we have forgiveness from our sins.

The act of being made right by God. Jesus' death on the cross, makes us right with God. He sees us without our sins. "Just-As-If-I'd-Never-Sinned".


The act of becoming perfect. No longer under the control of sin. When a Christian dies and goes to heaven he or she is made completely perfect. 

The act of growing in our faith and becoming Christ-like. From the moment one is saved, the process of becoming Christ-like continues until death.

Sin. The breaking of a law. The Bible says, “All have sinned.” Romans 3:10


Free from guilt or sin. Jesus has made us 'right' with God. We are free from our sin and the guilt that it brings!

To be doomed. The act of being found guilty. The Bible tells us that there is NO condemnation to those that trust in Jesus.

To turn from your sin and turn to God.

To rise from the dead. Jesus overcame death, so that we can rise from death to eternal life with God.

To resolve or restore friendship or harmony. Our relationship to God has been restored by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The act of offering something to God. Jesus was sacrificed, to pay for our sins. We are to give our lives to God as a LIVING sacrifice.

To restore to friendship or harmony. When you become a Christian, you are no longer enemies of God. But are restored to friendship.

Sin. Missing the target of perfection. It is impossible for us to be perfect. Apart from Jesus, we are lost in our trespasses. Our sins separate us from God.

Set apart. Perfect. Sacred. We are made perfect through Jesus. We are set apart to do God's will.

To desire, expecting fulfillment. Our hope is in God. We can trust him to fulfill our desires.

A mediator, or go-between. Someone who stands between two people or parties to bring harmony, or settle disputes. The Bible says, " There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men."
1 Timothy 2:5-6

To arrange, or settle a matter, beforehand. A plan worked out in advance of the event. 

Unmerited favor from God to us. Grace is freely given. It is not earned or deserved.
We receive "God's Riches, At Christ's Expense". Getting what you don't deserve.

God's favor or compassion on someone deserving punishment. Not getting what you deserve.

To agree that you have done wrong. To admit your sins to God and one another. The Bible says, "If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9.

To trust in, or lean on, someone. To depend on God with confidence. We can believe and depend on God because he is trustworthy. 

To build up. To improve and grow spiritually. As Christians, we are to be building up our faith, as well as helping others to build up their faith. We are to read and study God's Word, and not only look to our own interests, but to the interests of others.

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Special thanks goes to Susan Holland, my good friend and fellow teacher, for giving me the inspiration for this game!

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