Diminishing Returns



What You Need: A deck of Bible Stack-O! cards.

One sentence or clue is read at a time from a Bible Stack-O! card, the fewer the clues given, the more points awarded to a player or team for guessing correctly. Some cards have more clues than others, thus making them more valuable. The Clue-giver doesn't have to read the clues in any particular order.

For example, the "Book of Ruth" card has three clues:
"One of two books named after a woman."
"She was a Gentile who went to live with her Jewish mother-in-law Naomi and remarried Boaz."
"She is an ancestor in the royal line of King David and Jesus." 

If you read one clue, then player or teams who guess "Ruth" would receive three points. However, points diminish as more clues are read (one clue = 3 points, two clues = 2 points, three clues = 1 point. For the Ruth card, players have three chances to guess before passing). Before playing decide how many points it takes to win the game. 


How To Play: Shuffle deck. Place deck face-down on table. "Clue-giver" draws top card and reads one of the clues on the card. If a player or team guesses the name of the book on the first clue, the player or team receives the highest amount of points for that card. Points diminish with each additional clue. (Possible points are determined by how many clues are on a card.) Used cards are placed in a discard pile. 

Optional: After a predetermined amount of cards are read (1, 2, 3 or more), player to the left of "Clue-giver" becomes the new "Clue-giver" so that all players are given the opportunity to play.

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