The Easter Egg Game

for Children's Ministry

Materials needed:
One large plastic egg, (about the size of a child's ball and is used as a can find it at Walmart), Children's praise music with player, small plastic eggs filled with prizes/candy for each player to receive.

How to Play:
Played similarly to "Hot Potato." Children stand in a circle, then turn on the praise music and pass the large egg around. When the music stops, the child left holding the egg yells out, "He is risen!" and all the other children yell, "He is risen indeed!" You then give a small prize egg to the child with the large egg and s/he is out of the game. Play continues until everyone has a prize egg. 

Copyright 2001 Lily Herald 

Lily writes, "We are planning on using the Resurrection Eggs* this year in our egg hunt. I love to get our older people and younger people together, so I have asked the older members of our church to come and read the verses that accompanies each egg. Each egg will be numbered and each child will be told that if they can only have one numbered egg in their baskets. After the hunt, the 12 children that find the Resurrection Eggs will get to come up on stage and reveal what their egg holds as the older people read the verses." 

"This game could also be used as a time filler at the end of class to go over the day's memory verse. You could play using a small Bible instead of an egg, and when the music stops, have the child recite the verse. If they get it correct they get rewarded with a sticker or piece of candy. If they miss it, they continue playing until everyone has said the verse and has received a small prize."

*Make your own set of He's Risen Easter Eggs!

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