He's Risen Egg Pass



Set Up:
Each team will need a set of 
He's Risen Eggs

Each player needs a spoon.

He's Risen Eggs

They're downloadable!
A onetime, fee per class
allows you to print as many
sets as you need!

How To Play: Divide players into teams. Have them line up side by side standing about an arms length apart. Place the special eggs into a basket at one end of each team line. Place an empty basket at the other end of each team's line. At the go the players next to the egg-filled baskets must lift an egg out using only their spoons and pass it to the next player in his or her team line. Players continue to pass the eggs till they reach the empty baskets at the other end of the line. Play continues like this until all the eggs are passed down the team lines and the empty baskets are filled with 12 eggs each. Once a team has all their eggs, they must sit down in a circle and pass them out so that they are in sequential order. Then players open their eggs and attempt to discuss the meaning of them. After a few minutes, teacher explains their meaning.

* Copy and paste them to a graphics program to color them beforehand, or teams can color them by hand after playing the game.

Copyright 2004 S. A. Keith

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