Fish & Loaves Relay


Lesson Focus: The Miracle of the Feeding of the 5000 (John 6)

Set Up

Establish a large playing area. Place a large basket of "fish and loaves" at the center of the playing area (use fish-shaped crackers and pretzel logs). Give each team a serving spoon and a basket. Divide players into teams of 4-6 players.

How To Play

Have teams line up at the four corners of the playing area with players on each team standing one behind the other. At the go the first players from each team must walk fast with their spoon to the "fish and loaves" basket, scoop the "fish and loaves" into their spoon and return to their team lines to dump the "fish and loaves" into their teamís basket. Players then hand the spoon to the next player in line. Play continues as such until the large "fish and loaves basket" is emptied.

The team with the most "fish and loaves" wins. However, the winning team must share their extra bounty with the other teams so that all teams have an equal amount. Then have the teams sit down and eat.

Pray, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for continuing to provide for your people today as you did in Bible-time days. Help us to trust you to take care of us and to provide for us. Bless this food. Amen.

Copyright 2003 Sarah Keith  

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(From the book, "Amazing Miracles of the Bible")

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