Please Pass the Fruit

A Fruit of the Spirit Bible Game

What You Need
A Bible, a tangerine for each team, a permanent black marker for each team, and teaspoons for each player. 

How To Play
Divide into teams. No more than nine players per team. Have the players read Galatians 5:22-23. Each player must choose one of the attributes of the Fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control—and write it on the outside of their teams' tangerine. (If you can't find a tangerine, use an orange. A tangerine is best because it is easy to peel and has easy-to-separate sections.) Designate a large playing area. Starting at the center of your playing area, the teams will work together to reach the outside edges of the playing area. (See animated diagram of red and blue teams, below.) Player #1 at the outside ends of each team begins to pass their fruit using only their spoons, no hands! When the fruit reaches the last player on the team, that player rotates to the front of the line and begins to pass the fruit as before. Players continue to pass their fruit, advancing one player at a time, until one of the teams reaches the outer edges of the playing area. The first team to reach the outer edges of the playing area is the winning team! Play as many rounds as you prefer.

Object Lesson 
After the players have finished playing, have them sit down with their teams in a circle and discuss how they can show the Fruit of the Spirit attributes that they wrote on their tangerine. "Who can they show love to today?" Or, "Who can they show patience to today?" Or, "Goodness?" etc. After a few minutes of sharing their ideas, have teams peel their tangerines and have each player take a slice of the fruit and eat it. Point out that the tangerine is made up of many pieces, but it is one tangerine. The Bible refers to the Fruit of the Spirit, not the Fruits of the Spirit. When we are in Christ, the Fruit of the Spirit is in us, not just individual slices, but the whole of Christ, all his attributes are present in his children! So peel your fruit today, and allow Jesus to feed the people you meet by showing them the Fruit of the Spirit!

Copyright 1999 S.A.Keith--For classroom or home use.
Not for resale or distribution without the written permission of Sarah Keith.

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lessons for children
This is one of the game activities you'll find in the book, The Fruit of the Spirit, Jesus Growing In You And Through You.  - An 18 week hands-on Bible lesson series for K-5th grade. 


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