Who Wants to be a Heaven-Heir?

Bible Trivia Game for Children's Ministry

To play Who Wants to be a Heaven-Heir?, our Children's Church used questions from the books: My Final Answer Bible Trivia & My Final Answer for Kids Bible Trivia. There are directions in each book to play the game. However, we play the game differently. Read on! 

If children get stuck on a question and need help, they have 3 "Lifelines" to from which to choose: 

1) Poll the Children (audience); 
2) Ask a Friend (phone a friend)*;
3) Take away 2 wrong answers (leaving one right & one wrong answer). 

We also set a timer for them to give their answers. 

*Variation of #2: I sometimes give the scripture and have the children look up the answer in the Bible before the child chooses the friend to help him or her out. Of course, when players run out of "Lifelines" and incorrectly answer the question, they must sit down, and allow another child to sit in the "hot seat."

Our game has three categories: Bronze, part one; Silver, part two; Gold, part three. There are twelve levels.

Level 1, 2, 3 & (4) BIBLE BRONZE ARE IN THE BRONZE CATEGORY. Each time they answer the question, they receive one small treat (award, prize) such as a piece of bubble gum, small piece of candy, pencil, bookmarker etc. If they correctly answer questions 1,2,3 then they completed the BRONZE LEVEL and they will get to keep these treats even if they miss any of the other questions if they chose to go further.

Level 5,6,7 & (8) BIBLE SILVER ARE IN THE SILVER CATEGORY. The questions are harder in this category, but if they correctly answer them, they receive two (2) small treats for each question they answer correctly. However, if they miss any questions in this level, they do not receive any treats in this level but do still get to keep the treats that they had won in the BRONZE CATEGORY.

Level 9,10,11 & (12) BIBLE GOLD ARE IN THE GOLD CATEGORY. If the child has made it to this level he/she may keep all the treats that they have won regardless if they miss any of the questions in the GOLD CATEGORY. But in this level they must answer all four questions: Level 9, 10, 11 and (12) BIBLE GOLD. IF THEY ANSWER ALL OF THESE 4 QUESTIONS CORRECTLY, THEY RECEIVE "100 GRAND" CANDY BAR. 

So if they have completed all 12 questions, their winnings could be: 4 small awards in Bronze Level; 8 small awards in Silver Level; and "100 Grand" Candy Bar (or some other award). But more importantly, not only has the one sitting in the "hot seat" learned more about God and His Word, but so has the "audience."

Something to remember, when you are stuck with a problem (question) in this life, there are always "lifelines" to God.
(1) He always has the right answer; 
(2) You can always call upon Him; 
(3) He gives you a choice and if you will listen to Him with your heart, you will make the right choice.

This game is a lot of fun, and when kids are having fun they will hopefully remember the information and hide it in their hearts so they won't sin against God, and become HEAVEN-HEIRs! 

And that's the FINAL ANSWER!

Copyright 2009 Eva Greenwood / Children's Pastor

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