Just the Facts

Icebreaker Game, Discussion Starter 


Answer each discussion prompt truthfully, and then cut apart and hand them to the teacher:

One place I would like to visit is:

My favorite year of school has been:

I would like to meet one-on-one with this famous person (cannot be Jesus):

One of my most favorite vacations or trips was when I went to:

The person I have been the closest to most of my life is:

One of my most favorite things to do in my free time is:

One superhero trait I wish I had was:

One of my most favorite desserts is:

The closest I ever came to dying (most serious illness, accident or injury) was:

One of my most favorite movies is:

After all strips have been handed in, put them in a paper bag and mix them around. Give each student a piece of construction paper on a string and put it so that it is on their backs. Then give each student 10 labels and 10 small pieces of masking tape (put these on their desks while they are filling out the labels). Once all labels are filled out, students may begin wandering around putting the labels on their classmatesí backs. Students MAY NOT SPEAK while putting the labels on their classmates. Play music while they wander around taping and reading. After all the labels have been taped on the students, all students will flip around the placard and see what their classmates know about them. 

Which label surprises you that someone knew? 
Which one surprised you that someone thought, but was entirely incorrect? 

*Note, most of these questions (and their answers) are rather impersonal. Even then, itís obvious that we have a lot to learn about one another. Additionally, in Bible class, we will be sharing very personal things with each other like prayer requests and spiritual insights. I want this year to be one in which we build each otherís trust and learn to care deeply for one another. 

Copyright 2006 Jenny Hartnett

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