Journey To The Promised Land

Bible Knowledge Game | by Ellen Patterson

Supplies: Different colored construction paper, index cards. (The construction paper is used to make a path around the room. Each index card will have a task to complete to move a player to the next space, or it may be something that will make them go backwards; as in the board game Candyland). 

Some card examples: Name one of the Ten Commandments, recite the Lord's Prayer, or ask questions that are relevant to your lesson plan. If it's a particularly hard task you may reward the player by allowing s/he to go to the next square of a certain color. An example of a backwards movement: the card informs the student that their camel died on the journey and s/he loses a turn, or must go back to a square of a certain color. Each child picks cards and goes along the path until someone reaches the end of the journey, The Promised Land. (All my students get prizes. The player that won picks first.) 

Here are some other questions, or tasks, that can be asked:

Who replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites after he died? How will you help the Israelites enter Jericho (more than one answer)? How long did the Israelites wonder in the desert? How did God lead them by day? How did God lead them by night? If you had to write a book about your journey, what would you call it? (Exodus is a good answer, but I usually accept others). Correct answers gain the player one space ahead, or a jump to another color or place.

Some of the problems players faced resulted in a backward movement: Your wagon loses a wheel--Player may choose to lose time fixing it, thereby losing one turn, OR abandon their wagon and carry their belongings by staying put. You don't trust in God, results in taking a BIG hop backwards. You have blisters on your feet, results in player resting one turn. (Any of these and many others can be used).

"I wanted my class to realize how difficult it was for the Israelites to have left all they had known and travel with very little food and absolutely no comfort...I wanted them to understand that part of believing in God may be making the right choice when faced with a difficult situation and the answer they receive may not be what they expected. Pretty high expectations Huh? Have fun. Many prayers!"

Copyright 2001 Ellen Patterson
Westminster Presbyterian Church Phillipsburg, NJ

Editor's note: Thank you Ellen, for a very creative game! Thank you for your willingness to share it with the world! Here are a few more basic questions that came to mind: Name the Four Gospels, (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John), What does the word GOSPEL mean? (Good News), How many books are in the Bible? (66) (Check out Bible Stack-O for more Bible trivia ideas.) Who wrote the Bible? (All Scripture is God-breathed..., see 2 Timothy 3:15 and 2 Peter1:20-21); Name the first and last book of the Bible, (Genesis and Revelation). Other possibilities could be reciting Bible memory verses.

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