Shamrock Shuffle


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Focus: The Trinity

The shamrock was used by Saint Patrick to instruct about the Trinity. He would ask, "Is it one leaf or three?" His followers would respond, "It is one." Then he'd declare, "So it is with God!"

Click here for Bible verses regarding the Trinity. 

What You Need:
Print out a green shamrock pattern for each team (you might want to enlarge them). 

Cut the patterns into thirds to make a three-piece puzzle for each team (See white shamrock, right. Make sure each shamrock is cut differently than the other shamrocks). Set-aside one piece from each puzzle. Hide the other two pieces of the shamrock puzzles in the classroom.

What You Do:
Divide class into teams of 2-3 players (preferably three players per team, to further make the point of the Trinity, three players in one team). Give the teams one of the shamrock puzzle pieces that were set-aside. At the go have the teams hunt for their two missing puzzle pieces. If a team finds a puzzle piece that doesn't match their shamrock, they put it back and continue searching until they find their two matching pieces.

The first team to find their puzzle pieces and assemble their shamrock wins. 

Optional: Print a green shamrock for each person to wear home.

For an accompanying St. Patty's day craft.


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Sarah Keith

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