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Normally I do not do much on Super Bowl Sunday, because I am not that interested in football. But (haha), this year I ended up with a group of fourth graders who were mostly active BOYS. I really had to change my approach from last year to keep them interested and looking forward to Sunday mornings. So I came up with some new activities that seem to be fun for the boys, yet with 3 girls in the class, they also enjoyed them. Here is one that seemed to work well!

1. Cut 6 long strips of brown packaging paper or use grocery bags.
2. You need 6 strips of about 3 inches by about 30 or so inches.
3. In the center of each strip (in the exact center) write the yards in thick black permanent marker.....50 on one strip,....40 on the next strip......30.....20....10 and the last strip you write END ZONE in the center.


----- END ZONE -----

--------- 10 ---------

--------- 20 ---------

--------- 30 ---------

--------- 40 ---------

--------- 50 ---------

Tape these long strips onto the carpet or floor with a few masking tape doughnuts to secure them in descending order facing you so that as you look down you can read them, but the numbers go from largest to smallest starting with the 50 yard line closest to you and ending with the END ZONE at the far end or top (as you look down you read them facing you in descending order as in the above example). Leave about 8 inches in between each strip. This will take up a moderate-sized area in the center your classroom.

Cut out two football shapes from brown paper bags. Each football is about the size of a real football (flat of course!) Add the center white hash marking lines to add a bit of flare (glue on white paper markings), then laminate with clear contact paper to make them more sturdy (laminate both sides). They will keep nicely from year to year.

You will need a list of at least 30 questions*. (We are studying the Book of Acts so the questions I used were questions from the previous 5 chapters we had been studying. This is a great review with any book of the Bible being studied.) Be sure to use some BIBLE VERSES to encourage memorization of KEY verses you have been studying. Bible verses act as BONUS points! Have at least 3 or 4!

*Divide class into 2 teams. Teams sit on the floor on each side of the "field."

*Decide names for your teams (we like to use the names of the teams actually playing in the Super Bowl).

*Use a creative method for determining who will go first.

*Then take a turn asking each team a sit in a line on each side of the field and each turn the next child in line answers. If the question is answered correctly they may go forward 5 yards (which is only halfway to the next strip) If they come to a Bible verse and get it correct they may advance 10 yards. If they answer incorrectly, they are penalized and go back 5 yards. If the student who is asked the question is unsure of the answer they may "pass" to another player on his or her team. Only one pass per question is allowed. (The passing will not affect the order the questions are asked to the children...the next child in line to the child who was originally asked will still answer next time.)

* Each team places their football on the grid with one team on the LEFT of center and one team's football on the RIGHT of center. You will watch the footballs move and it can become quite a fun competition!

* THE GAME IS OVER WHEN ONE TEAM REACHES THE END ZONE FIRST....or if you have a very long Sunday School time, you can do touchdowns with 6 points for each team that reaches the end zone, BUT it would take quite a long time, so I suggest that the game is over when the first team reaches the END ZONE (this took our class about 25 min.)

You may then have time to play a second game and the kids really wanted to!

JUST FOR FUN: WEAR A WHISTLE AROUND YOUR NECK AND IF THE CLASS GETS A BIT OUT OF HAND, BLOW YOUR WHISTLE!! You can even use a penalty of 5 yards backwards if it gets too rowdy! Another of our teachers wears a black and white (ref-looking) outfit for her game!
Be creative, but mostly have a BLAST! Sunday School can be very exciting!

If you have any further questions, e-mail me, Leah O'Connell, at: 

Copyright 2004 Leah O'Connell

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