Brown Shoes

Icebreaker Game for Children & Adults

"This is an activity works very well with large groups of kids and adults. I have never seen this one fail. If you want a game winner, the first one with a full card can win. I've never needed the bribe of winning, the game is its own reward. Be creative and find ways to include those quiet people in your list. If you need more info - just email me."

Yours in Christ, 
Darlene Cutler

To begin, create a list of items that can fill a bingo-like card. The card can be any number of squares and the Excel program is a great choice for randomizing the cards. This is where Brown Shoes comes in. Make a list of items for the participants to find, such as someone who is wearing brown shoes, or a red sweater, or wearing white socks, etc. In your list of items include some tougher ones such as, find someone who can recite John 3:16 or knows three Bible memory verses. 

To play the game, the participants must find someone who fits the item descriptions (i.e. someone wearing brown shoes) then write the name of that person in one of the bingo card squares. 

The first person to fill their card is the winner!

Copyright 2001 Darlene Cutler 
All Rights Reserved.

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