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Icebreaker Game 

What you need: A yarn ball for each group of 5-10 people, (adjust the group size to your class), a set of questions written on an index card, and a group leader to ask the questions. Tailor the questions according to the needs of your group. The questions should progress from simple questions, to more probing type questions such as, What's your name?, Where were you born?, What's your birth order?, What's your favorite dessert? Your favorite musician? Then on to deeper questions such as: Is there anything happening in your life right now that makes you happy -or- sad? What's your high point and or low point of the week? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?, Do you have a goal for your life? When is it hardest for you to trust God?, etc.

What you do: You can stand in a circle, or play sitting down on chairs arranged in a circle. The group leader begins by holding the ball of yarn in one hand and the end of the string in the other. S/he says the first question and answers it, then tosses the ball of yarn to another person in the circle, making sure to hold tightly onto the end of the string. The person that catches the ball of yarn, answers the same question, then tosses to another person in the group, making sure that s/he holds onto part of the string. Play continues like this until everyone has answered the first question, and then the ball of yarn is passed back to the group leader for the second question to be asked. It is very important that players continue to hold onto the string of yarn after each question is answered and the ball of yarn is passed to the next. The group will begin to make a connecting pattern with each new answer and toss of the ball of yarn.

Wrap it up: After all the questions have been asked, the group leader says, "Look at the pattern we have created. We are all connected with each other in similar ways. How are we the same? How are we different?" (Discuss.)

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Editor's note: This is a great ice breaker activity. I played it during our women's Bible study and it was a big hit! We played in four small groups of eight and sat in chairs arranged in tight circles.

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