Gather G.A.T.H.E.R.

A Thanksgiving Prayer Activity

To be used as a prayer or discussion starter for those who gather together to eat on Thanksgiving. If you choose, the host may assign Bible passages for the participants to read.


Give a prayer of thanksgiving. (Begin by thanking God for the day, for those gathered together, and for the meal prepared.)

Acknowledge. ("We acknowledge your presence, Lord Jesus, and the promise that where two or three are gathered in your name, you are here with us!" Matthew 18:20)

Thank the Lord for his blessings. (A personal time for those attending to speak of their blessings and for what they are thankful.)

Hear the Word spoken:
    1) Psalm 95;
    2) Psalm 100;
    3) Psalm 117.

Express praise. (Psalm 145 is an excellent choice.)  

Rejoice in God's provisions and his promises:
    1) to guide the steps of his children (Isaiah 42:16; Psalm 23:3),
    2) to walk shadowed paths with us (Psalm 23:4),
    3) to provide for us and never leave us alone (Psalm 111; Deuteronomy 31:6),
    4) to bring his children safely home (Psalm 23:6; John 3:16; John 6:40; John 10:28).

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