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A Children's Thanksgiving Devotional

Give thanks to God, children's thanksgiving devotional

The Adventures of Christopher Cross and Family are fictional stories based on real life situations. Grades K-6 will find these stories fun and easy to understand; the objective is to reinforce biblical truths and applications. Today's adventure lesson is on giving thanks to God.

"Your favorite song is coming up next on the CD." Chris Jr. said to his younger sister Tara.

Tara knew the songs on the CD very well. The next one was, "I Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down In My Heart." Although it was her favorite, she didn't feel much like singing it. She was feeling kind of sad.

The Cross family were driving to grandma and grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. Everyone, except Tara, was excited and couldn't wait to get there. Mother was bringing a homemade pumpkin pie. Father had gummy bears he had made at the Gummy Bear Factory where he worked, and Lena and Chris Jr. had gifts they were giving their grandparents, which they had made at school. Tara wasn't old enough to go to school, so she had colored a picture for her grandparents at home. It was hard work staying inside all the lines, but she had done her best and was sure her grandparents would love her picture.

The family were well on their way when Tara realized she had forgotten to bring her picture. 
Now, she would be the only one without a gift to give her grandparents and that made her very sad. She didn't want to ruin everyone else's trip with her sadness, so she quietly prayed in her heart, "Dear Jesus, somehow, someway, will you please help me not to be so sad? Help me to remember that you are my joy. Amen." 

Tara felt better after she prayed. True, she still didn't have her picture, but she had Jesus and that made her smile.

"We still have a long way to go before we get to grandma's house," mother said, "Who's 

"I am," everybody cheered! The family stopped at a restaurant. After looking at the children's menu, Tara decided to order the kid's cheeseburger deluxe meal.

The waitress took the family's order and was just about to leave their table, when she said, "Oh, I almost forgot!" Reaching into her apron pocket, she handed Tara a package of crayons, and said, "The back of your menu has a Thanksgiving picture on it if you want to color it." 

Tara could hardly believe what she heard! 

"Oh, Jesus, she said, again quietly in her heart, not only did you hear my prayer, but you gave me another chance to bring my grandparents a gift!" 

She went right to work coloring her picture. She had it all finished when the waitress returned with their food. 

After Poppa prayed, thanking God for their food, Tara carefully folded the picture and put it in her pocket. She wouldn't forget it this time, and she thought the cheeseburger deluxe meal was the best she had ever tasted!

When the family arrived at grandma and grandpa's, Tara could hardly wait to give them her gift. Grandma carefully unfolded the picture. Grandpa smiled and gave Tara a great big Cross family hug. "It is simply beautiful!" Grandma exclaimed. Grandpa agreed, "It's a beauty alright; thank you for our two gifts."  

"Two gifts? You mean just one, don't you grandpa?" Tara asked. "No two!" grandma and grandpa said at the same time, "The picture and you!"

You will need a white paper plate, crayons, or markers. On the paper write, "Oh give thanks unto the Lord for he is good" Psalm 106:1, and then draw a picture of something for which you would be thankful to God and/or that you might eat on Thanksgiving Day. 

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