The Holy Spirit
Our Helper, Counselor, Keeper




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Objective: To understand how the third person of the Trinity--the Holy Spirit--helps us, and what Jesus had to say concerning him and our lives. Tell the story with expression and sound effects. Use props too, such as a cane and cap for the grandpa.


Begin the lesson by telling the following story:

"There once were two children, a boy and a girl, whose parents were going out of town for the night. They were new to the area, so the parents didn't want to leave them alone with a stranger. Thankfully the grandfather lived nearby, so they asked him to care for the children while they were gone. Before the parents left, they told their children to be good, obey their rules, and to make sure they cleaned their rooms before they returned home.

Well, as soon as the parents left, the children wanted to go outside and play. But the grandfather reminded them that they weren't allowed to play outside at night. "But don't worry, I've planned some really fun things to do indoors," the grandfather said with a smile from ear to ear. After awhile, the kids asked for a snack. The grandpa said, "I have just the thing! We'll make our own S'mores and eat them before dinner!" And they did just that! 

It was now getting late, and the children wanted to stay up late to watch T.V. But the grandfather reminded them that they were told to clean their rooms before their parents returned home. 

"Oh, we're too tired, Grandpa! We'll do it in the morning." the children pleaded. 

But the grandfather said, "Nope! You must obey your parents. But don't worry, I'll help you clean up!


In no time at all--with the grandfather's help--their rooms were cleaned, and they got ready for bed. And as the grandfather tucked them in for the night, he reminded them of their parents' love, and told them he had something extra special planned for them tomorrow, then kissed them goodnight. 

As the children drifted off to sleep, there was a loud bang just outside the kids' bedroom windows. And as you can imagine it scared them half to death! Well, the grandfather heard the noise too and looked out the window to see what was the matter; then quickly rushed to calm the screaming children. "It's only the neighbor's big fat cat!" he chuckled, "Don't be afraid."

Then he kissed the children and tucked them in again. And soon the children were dreaming of tomorrow's adventure with grandpa."

The End.

This story helps us to understand how the Holy Spirit--the third person of the Trinity--helps us.  Before Jesus returned to heaven, he promised his followers that they would not be left alone to care for themselves. Like the parents in our story who sent the grandfather to care for their children while they were away, Jesus told his followers that he would send a Counselor to watch over them, to help them obey God and to do his will while he was away. 

Read John 14:15-16, 23, 25-27 and John 16:7-8,13 from a child-friendly Bible.


1) How is the grandfather in our story similar to how the Holy Spirit works in our lives? (Helps us obey God's rules, reminds us to do the right thing, helps us to do our work, calms our fears, speaks to God for us, prays for us, and leads us into new adventures.)

2) What does the word Counselor mean? (Sometimes the word counselor means someone who helps you with your problems. But in this case it has to do with someone who defends you, like a lawyer in a court of law. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor, our defender. He helps us when we're in trouble (1 John 2:1). We are all guilty of breaking God's law, but when we're in Christ, having asked Jesus to be our Savior and Forever Friend, only then does the Counselor defend us, pray for us and keep us safe.)

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