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 New-Life "Tadpole to Frog" Puppet Skit
For use with the New-Life Frog Puppet.)


TADPOLE: (Tadpole side turned out.)

"Hi, my name is Thadeus Tadpole, but you can call me Tad. I'm very happy today! You know why? Because I don't have to be a tadpole any longer! Sure, it's fun to swim around in muddy water all day, but if I don't change soon, I won't be able to hop and play outside of the pond in the green grass! I've even heard there is another beautiful pond of fresh, clean water I can drink from. The only problem is, I've got to change into a new creature, before I can take a drink!"

"Here I go! . . . when God changes me, do you know what I become?" (Listen for answers.) 

"Okay, don't peek, I'm going to show you!" (Turn around and turn puppet inside out.) 

FROG: (Frog side turned out.)

"Ta-Da! Now I'm a FROG! Fred the Frog, that's my new name! AND guess what? I can finally hop and play outside the pond! I don't have to swim in muddy water ever again!

Boys and girls, do you know that you can change and be given a new name too? Do you know what that name is? (Listen for answers.) No, not frogs! When we follow and trust Jesus as our Savior and Forever Friend, we're called Christians! Before we become Christians, our lives are muddied from sin, like the muddy water I used to live in! But when Jesus comes into our lives, he cleans our sin! Jesus said he is the Living Water that gives life. And he wants to fill you up with his goodness and love!"  (John 14:14 and John 10:10)

Kids, be like Tad, who didn't want to stay in the muddy water, but wanted something better! All of our lives are muddied from sin. And sin, the wrong things we do, separate us from God. The good news is that Jesus died for you and me, so that we can be made clean and live with him forever! Have you become a new creature? Have you asked Jesus into your life? Have you been given a new name? If you haven't become a Christian, you can become one today by asking Jesus to make you into a new creature. Let's pray.

Suggested Prayer
"Dear Jesus, I want to become a new creature. Thank you for loving me, even when my life is muddied from sin. Thank you for dying for me and cleaning my sin. Help me now to follow and obey you. Amen." 

(Read Ephesians 2:8-10).

Kids, when you play with your New Life puppet, be reminded that Jesus loves you and wants the best for your life! Use your puppet to tell your friends that Jesus loves them, and died to take away their sins, so they can become new creatures too!


Copyright 2000 S.A. Keith  
All Rights Reserved