Computer Bugs

Youth Ministry Lesson and Craft | by Mark & Becky Bryan

The devotional is simple and can be expanded according to the audience and need. Begin by telling about real computer bugs that short-circuited the first tube computer. Computer bugs are usually viruses that destroy files and can mess up the computer. The comparison is how we allow sin to creep into our lives and mess us up. We need to watch out for it and take preventative measures. The Bible says if we admit our sin, the Lord will cleanse us from it. He will keep us clean and protect us when we live the way He shows us in His Word. 

Bible texts: Psalm 14:2-3; 139:23-24, Romans 3:23, 2 Cor.5:17, Phil.4:8-9, 1John1:9.

How to make the computer bugs 
The chips were removed from old electronic computer boards, which I got from a junkyard. I used a torch, flat screwdriver and needle nose pliers to get them off the board. 

The chips vary in size. If they are too small then the verse/s are too small to read. The verses need to be done with a graphics program that reverses the print to negative or a normal print-out needs to be reversed at a copy place on a color copy machine. It can be done on a home computer and printer but the amount of ink it takes is not cheap. Plastic lacing was used for the tail. Curl the tail if desired by wrapping it around the handle of a cooking spoon, taping it, dipping it 5-10 seconds into very hot water and then into cold water. Use wiggle eyes of an appropriate size. Use a small, square chip for the head. For the "feelers", we used pollen things (pistol) which are normally used with fake flowers. The wire connectors on the main chip are a bit dangerous so glue foamy on the underside to help take care of that problem and so that a pin back is accessible. The plastic lacing tail and the smaller chip for the head are glued between the main chip and the foamy. The smaller chip can also be glued on top of the main chip if there is room for the verse paper which is glued on the main chip. We paraphrased or used just portions of verses. Ps.139:23 and 1 John1:9 are on the chip.

Copyright 2005 Mark & Becky Bryan
You have permission to copy this for personal / local church use, but only with this copyright notice and not for commercial publication.

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