Three In One

Trinity Lesson

My name is Linda, I am a Sunday School teacher for ages 3-6. I would like to share a lesson with you. I have taught on the TRINITY before and this is what the Holy Spirit gave me to teach the children, how he forgives sin, what sin looks like to him, and how he cleanses those who come to him.

I used three, clear, see-through drinking glasses and set them on the table before the children and explained to them about Father God, SON JESUS, and Holy Spirit, which represent the 3 glasses set before them. Then I took a picture of clear water from a clear, see-through pitcher and explained that GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT are like the water in the pitcher. I told them to watch how "ONE" can become "THREE." I poured the water in all three of the glasses and asked them to tell me who reminded them of the first glass (GOD), then the second glass (Jesus), then the third glass (Holy Spirit), which is all three in one. I then showed them the second glass (which was Jesus) and told them how pure and clean Jesus was, letting them handle the glass and look at it. I explained to them about sin and how Jesus came to make us clean like him. I explained what sin looks like to God, and how Jesus came and took our sins upon himself so we could become clean like the glass of water. When Jesus sees us, he cleans us up and forgives us, then we look clean like he does. Now I took some tea or coffee and poured it into the middle "Jesus glass" and the water became dark. I got some surprising looks from my kids. They automatically caught on and said, "Is that still Jesus?" I said, "yes." Then they said, "That's our sin in him!" I said, "yes!" (Have a child come forward with Oxi-clean or bleach and put a couple of drops in the JESUS GLASS.) Then say, "When Jesus died on the cross, he took our sin away. We become clean like Jesus through God's forgiveness."

Copyright 2005 Linda Johnson - Rome Ga. 

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