Are You A Puffed Up Balloon?

Children's Talk, "Be filled with God's Spirit"

You will need two balloons, one empty and one filled with helium.

Show the different balloons and point out the differences between them.

The deflated balloon represents us - ordinary people. The balloon filled with helium represents God.

Compare the two balloons:
The empty balloon represents us - on our own without God inside our hearts - All floppy and flat - we are pretty useless, Certainly not as beautiful. Really not much good for anything,

If I wanted to change this floppy good for nothing balloon, I could try to do so by
Filling it with my own air (blow up balloon) - like trying to tell others how good I am. This puffed up balloon can represent ME --- trying to look great by filling myself with my own ideas, my best behavior, my self-appointed attitude, There are all kinds of things that we can do to try improve ourselves.

BUT - things we are able to do on our own can never ever compare to what God can do. Hard as we try we can never lead a life that would honor and please God on our own. So the really best thing I can do with a puffed up balloon (puffed up self-inflated me) would be to:

Let it go - See I really would fly off in all directions with what was inside of me! I certainly do need to empty my balloon (ME) of all of my own air or "self-inflating" attitudes, self-structured behaviors, and pre-planned ideas.

Show the balloon that represents God and talk about the difference. This balloon is much better in many ways.

It is certainly more beautiful than the deflated empty ME balloon.
It is certainly more powerful -
messages can be attached -
it can fly so high,
ride the winds
It can fly alone - without wind
It can go higher than I could ever go. Think about the helium that is a power within the balloon that makes these things possible. Think of the Spirit of God within us, as the helium that will help us do great things for God.

A balloon filled with helium can represent my life filled with God's Power, God's strength, and the Holy Spirit. It is only because of His power, His Spirit and His strength that I can do great things for God.

Phil. 4:13, I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength. 

2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.

Through the supernatural power of God, we are able to obey His commands.

Mark 16:15, Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. 

With God's Spirit, like the helium in the balloon, we too can go far ... doing things that God will give us the power to do - giving us strength to overcome problems and difficulties in our lives - and telling others about Jesus without fear. We can be filled with HIS spirit, HIS power, HIS might, and HIS Truth.

We can think of the helium as God's Holy Spirit in the balloon. The Holy Spirit also makes it possible for us to ascend to heaven someday. Jesus told us - and showed us - that will happen - for all who believe in HIM.

HE came to earth, lived a sinless life,
HE offered HIS life as a living sacrifice for our sin when
HE died on the cross of Calvary,

Witnesses saw him ascend to Heaven - much like we see a helium filled balloon rise up into the sky. God's Word told us all of that would happen with Jesus, HIS Son, and it did God's Word also promises us that those who believe and trust in Jesus will also go to heaven. Before giving each child a helium filled balloon - share a salvation prayer - inviting each child to accept Christ as Lord and Savior -- to fill each child's heart with the Holy Spirit that will empower them to do great for God -- and challenge them to go into their world and tell others about the love of Jesus.

Copyright 2004 Kelly Neal
Morgantown, Indiana

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