by Emmalea Butler


Wear a long sleeve white sweat shirt and write offenses of sin labels, tags or the like. Black irregular shaped paper with neon gel marker writing - or chalk. Attach the labels with tape and stick them on the shirt before class. Sins from the PAST go on the back of the shirt - sins that could be happening in the PRESENT on the front.

  • Explain to the children that the only way we can be clean of our sins is to ask Christ to forgive us. If we do not - we "wear" our sins at all times.
  • Show that you can put a jacket on top of the shirt - or blanket etc., BUT the sins are still there. Others may not see our sins at first - but they are still there.
  • Have an assistant help by reading and explaining the SINS as you turn slowly. 
  • Ask the children to raise their hand when they can identify a "sin" for which they have been guilty.
  • Thank them for their honesty and lead them in a short prayer for each sin that is confessed. 
  • Instruct the child to take any action necessary to right a wrong (going to one they have offended, making restitution, etc.)
  • Remove the label from the shirt and destroy it.
  • Point out how much nicer the clean white shirt is looking.
  • Carrying the burden of sin can get in the way of others seeing the difference we have with Christ in our hearts. 
  • With unconfessed sin can you feel really clean and close to Jesus?
  • With unconfessed sin in our lives, can we really be an excellent example of the Christian that Christ wants us to be?


  • With a t-shirt transfer and the computer - do an iron-on of 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just ...." and place it on the back of the sweatshirt.

Copyright 2002 Emmalea Butler -

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