Gospel Heart Song

Colors of Christ for Toddlers

I did this in Bible School recently and included "game pieces" along with the written words so Mom and Dad could interact with their children at home. The song is to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and goes like this: 

See my dark heart stained with sin?
I need to ask Jesus in. (black heart) 
Jesus died, shed blood for me, (red heart) 
So my dark heart could be clean. (white heart) 
Christ will help me learn and grow. (green heart) 
Someday I'll walk streets of gold. (yellow or gold heart) 

The game pieces are just small hearts, cut from construction paper. This year I printed them on the computer and typed in words to explain the specific color on each heart. The kids lay down the hearts as we sing the song. 

I have also "hidden" the hearts in the Bible and have a little one look through the pages for them. It gives the opportunity for them to "use" God's Word --- to find the gospel, too! 

In addition, children can participate in a program* by holding up BIG hearts of the appropriate color as they sing the lines of the song. 

Copyright 2002 Emmalea Butler

*The pictures were sent in from Christ Gospel Church, by Kathleen McKay, a longtime subscriber of the Sunday School Teacher's Network.

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