THANKFUL? Hey, I've got Problems!

Thanksgiving Lesson for Children's Ministry

This holiday season, think of what God has done for us in Christ. Be thankful that because of Christ and His sacrifice, we do not have to just live under the circumstances, we can triumph over our circumstances. Below is a powerful object lesson that illustrates this beautiful truth.


For this exciting illustration you will need a candle and two good quality round balloons. Fill one balloon with water; leave the other deflated until you give the message.


Problems come to everyone. Those without God in their lives will be at the mercy of their circumstances. Those with God in their lives will triumph over their circumstances. 


[Begin by lighting the candle, and then blow up the deflated balloon. Keep the water balloon hidden until you need it.] There are things that come into a person's life that are very painful. There are circumstances and situations that, like this flame, can hurt and even destroy us. Take for instance this balloon. Let's say it represents a person's life. If we bring this balloon into the fire it is destroyed. [Touch the balloon to the flame, and it will pop. This will get everyone's attention, and children love it!]

Many people, when their lives come into contact with fiery trials and hardships, can often be destroyed "under the circumstances." [You may give examples of circumstances that plague people today, and elaborate in this way if you wish.]

[Take out the water balloon.] When I put the balloon into the fire, it popped. What if I put a water balloon into the fire? [This will really get attention, and kids will be "all eyes" and so will the adults.] There is a scientific principle that will allow me to put the water balloon into the flame without it bursting. The water dissipates the heat so that the balloon will not pop. [Hang the water balloon over the candle flame, while holding the stem of the balloon, for about ten seconds. Experiment with this before doing it in public. You will want to make sure your balloons perform as you expect.]

How about that? It didn't break. Jesus said, in John 7:37-38, that if we come to Him, He will give us living water. Romans 8:28 tells us that when Christ is our Lord and Savior, that all things work to the good. The water inside the balloon is protecting it. We too, if we have the living water of Jesus in our lives, will be victorious over the circumstances of life that seek to destroy us.

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The above lesson is a chapter out of the Ebook Visual Illustrations.
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